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Michael Solomon is an author ahead of his time.  He has a style of writing all of his own. He writes as though he was sitting across a table from you enjoying a cup of coffee while telling you his story.  He believes that his readers should be interested in what he has to say. Therefore, the only way he knows how to write is to tell it from his heart.

 -Writers Digest Magazine

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. By visiting my website, it shows that you have good taste in literature.

Here you can learn about my books, upcoming projects and me.

I am a traditionalist who does not reject the idea of progress but rather blends the old with the new. I try to write so my books reflect my beliefs and I write from my heart.

My first two bestselling books “Success By Default” and “Where Did My America Go?” are non-fiction. You can learn more about them by clicking on the cover and going to their respective page. You purchase them from any online bookseller or retail bookstore. Click on the book jackets to read more about my latest books.

ConversionI have just published my first novel. It is titled “The Conversion Prophecy.” It is a political thriller that currently is receiving rave reviews

As I schedule my personal and media appearances, I will post them on this site. Book signings and personal appearances allow me the opportunity to meet my readers personally and share ideas.

As always, I enjoy hearing from my readers. Please feel free to send me a note to post, so that I may share them with other visitors to my website.

Best wishes and happy reading.


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